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We bring together leading experts from across the environmental world, making our cities greener, healthier, happier, smarter and more resilient. Our work helps tackle the challenges facing our world from air pollution, water quality & availability and biodiversity loss. We work towards delivering the UN Sustainability Development Goals, helping mitigate and prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

The People Place and Nature Partnership can take projects from concept to completion and lead each stage of a project with unrivaled passion and expertise.

We are fortunate to work alongside many of the World Leaders in the various aspects of design for the outdoors. We believe there is a huge opportunity for specialist practices to work collaboratively to meet the challenges of the future. We have joined forces over a common goal, to build a planet that has distinctive spaces, diverse ecosystems and responds to the needs of People, Place and Nature.


Davies White

Our partners in play are world leaders in the creation of playscapes, ranging from award winning flagship play spaces such as Gosford Forest in Ireland, where Game of Thrones was filmed, to the Common Wealth Legacy Park in Glasgow, to people and engagement focused design of public realm. Previous work has also included co designing four Back to Nature gardens with HRH the Duchess of Cambridge and developing the UK Covid Memorial Blossom Garden with ourselves at the Olympic Park. You can find out more about Davies White and their work here:

Play. Engage. Design. | Davies White Landscape Architects


Water Offsets

Southern areas of the UK are overmining water to the tune of 700 million litres per day. This is unsustainable and has led to new regulations on Water Neutrality. Our partners at Water Offsets are working to ensure development can continue, by making sure every drop of this precious resource is stored, recycled or offset. Water Neutrality is a developing planning requirement and new developments must demonstrate this in order to achieve consent. Want to find out more you can visit our partner here:

Delivering Water Neutral Developments | Water Offsets


The Green Infrastructure Consultancy

Our partners at the green infrastructure consultancy offer high level input into strategic green infrastructure policy, produced the Urban Greening Factor for London, and have extensive knowledge and technical skills and experience of biodiverse green roofs and wall creation. Their team have worked on many significant projects such as the London Olympic Park, Whitehill Bordon Eco-Town. Their team also features the President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations and board member of Gro the UKs trade body for Green Roofs.

Designing in nature | The Green Insfrastructure Consultancy

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