ND Landscape Architects Ltd.

What we can provide

We take projects from feasibility assessment through to construction and are able to bring in partners to ensure projects mean their maximum potentials.

We help deliver complex projects covering everything from healthcare, housing, education to play and public realm.

We are a team of highly experienced professionals specialising in sustainable solutions to the challenges of the future. We work across the UK and beyond and deliver schemes from large to small!

We believe strongly in cooperation in order to deliver the best results be that with specialists, design teams or other landscape consultants.


Work stage 0-1

Our service starts with liaising with clients or teams to understand the requirements of your schemes. We can provide early assessments such as feasibility or landscape visual impact assessments or reports, to help identify opportunities and constraints early.


Work stage 2

Through liaison with the client team we can develop concept proposals, which identify simple layouts and zoning for schemes, and demonstrate ideas before being technically resolved. This will sometimes include sketch layouts, detailed drawings and 3D models depending on the extent of information required. This stage also works really well for activities such as community engagement which can inform the design, or be done to get views and opinions on more developed proposals.


Work stage 3-4

This stage provides design resolution and typically includes detailed measured drawings outlining key features, materials, structures, and species. As well as technical information relating to planting plans, specifications, construction detailing and management plans.


Work stage 5-6

This stage covers the lead up to and the build itself. We offer services to assist clients with procurement and tendering, logistics, contract management, site visits and snagging up to sign off.

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