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Upon visiting Sunningdale, the client informed ourselves as to the issues they would like resolved and ideas they had for their garden design. A decking area was a high priority, with the deck being level to the inside floor level of the house, allowing for smooth transition between interior and exterior. The deck would also need to be level with the shed for access. A fire-pit was discussed as an optional feature, with the main purpose of providing a social space outside. Raised borders where a must have for the client, to allow for easy access and maintenance. The largest issue on site was ponding upwards of 150mm during the winter months, which could be reduced by improving drainage.


With this information, we provided a package of different styled gardens and talked through the elements which they desired. One feature mentioned was to have cobbles contouring the lawn, allowing a lawnmower to cut right up to the edge. Raised borders to be used for the back of seating surrounding the fire-pit, breaking up the decking whilst creating a comfortable and sheltered seating area. Planting has been left to the client as they desired to purchase and adapt the planting themselves over time. 


Throughout the concept stage the design was catered to suit the clients needs, leading to a design that fits their vision and provides solutions to existing problems.


Upon completion, the concept and vision has been achieved, allowing for a modern and smart garden with easy maintenance.