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A large masterplanning project for the Forestry Commission who were introducing a new visitor centre,  with associated car park and new access road. The project looked at how movement would take place across the site, and took into consideration requirements for footpaths, pedestrian crossing, traffic calming, tree protection and also sought to regenerate existing infrastructure.

The new car park features Sustainable Drainage systems in the form of swales to manage excess rainwater, and maximise greenspace and increase tree planting, within the car park. Planting has also been used to manage car movements and parking through the use of hedges, to reduce hard materials as much as possible.

Products such as Flexi-paving have been used on footpaths throughout the site to protect tree roots in the surrounding woodland and allow a low impact surface for those exercising in the woodland.

The landscape design was led by the terra firma consultancy Ltd, with Niall Williams providing design and technical support whilst in their employment.